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Being on Mission is choosing to take leadership.
Anyone can do so, independent of their formal position.

We offer experiences that set something in motion.

For whom is
      Being on Mission

For anyone between the ages of 18 and 88 who chooses to take on more leadership.

For teams with a challenge on for example values, vision, positioning or cooperation.

For organizations who are looking for sustainable improvement.

I myself
want   change

Leadership starts at yourself. Discover with us what is most important for you and who you want to become.

This results in understanding, feeling and doing what it takes to work and live the way you want, it's your life after all!

We guide you to effective leadership on a professional and personal level.

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My team
wants to improve

We focus on your answer to the question "What will be different from now if this is successful?" and make it concrete in a surprising, interactive and action-oriented way.

We guide your team towards realizing improvement, utilizing all the available potential.

wants better results

Discover what lasting changes in leadership behavior and organizational culture are needed to achieve this.

Choose and realize the right focus and approach under the guidance of experienced guides, so that the organization moves forward.

We guide the organization to start moving, you yourself realize the result.

      of participants

Being on Mission should have crossed my path earlier

I permanently look at situations differently

You cannot wish better for yourself

An opportunity to grasp to develop yourself, as a leader and personal

   The team of
Being on Misson

Our team consists of experienced professionals who add a wide variety of expertise to the for decades globally proven "Being on Mission" Experiences.

We guide professionals, leaders, teams and organizations to sustainable results by providing experiences and coaching worldwide in Dutch, English and German.

Are you choosing to take on more leadership?

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