For myself

You are curious to find out what is most important to you and who you like to become.
You want to realize your ambitions and be an effective leader on a professional and personal level.

Effectively leading others starts with self-knowledge and leading yourself.
Your professional life is an important part of that, but you are so much more than that.
That's why we work with you as a human being and everything is involved.

Get reacquainted with yourself and go "on a mission" by using your energy differently to become who you want to be.

Our focus is awareness rather than skills. But we do teach you to be a better coach, so that you optimize the potential of yourself and your team members to achieve high-performance together with pleasure.

Our experiences are based on "the 10 Principles of Leadership and Life. Are you curious?
Then do the free scan now in 30 minutes. One of our coaches will contact you afterwards for a free 30-minute coaching appointment.
This way you will discover within one hour what is the leverage for you to gain more leadership over your own work and life.

What do you prefer?

One to one coaching

One to one coaching

A personal coach who is completely aligned with your rhythm and questions.

You meet for great conversations at fun locations and/or online.

You can also choose to hike together in nature, experience the wisdom of a horse or achieve a breakthrough in the box ring, with humor or in the workplace.

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A few days in a small group

A few days in a small group

To get into a flow of relaxed activity to shape or redesign your work and life. 

Working intensively with your questions in a small group led by two guides.

Enjoying a beautiful environment and the healthy and delicious food together.


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