Radboud Stuijt

Four years later the promise I made to myself to LIVE is still alive

The best you can wish for yourself

The universal 10 principles helped me to see connections and keep focus. This Deep program REALLY goes beyond other programms. Confronting, personal, clear and usable. Working hard and relaxing, to let insights matur. The coaches are masters in guiding this proces. Their personal contribution and approach made the difference for me to become able to learn, grow and get concrete and practical guidance to continue on my expedition of what leadership and life mean for me and realize this. The best you can wish for yourself if you like to Be on Mission.”

Four years later the promise I made to myself to LIVE is still alive

When I now think back on what this experience has brought me, images mainly come to mind. I have taken up what was offered to me and taken full control of my life again. I see so clearly what this is all about for me that I can resist voices in my head and opinions of others much easier. I am loyal to myself, whereas before I was mainly loyal to others, and I no longer give myself away to others. The joy is back, now that I feel it again I realize how flattened that was for a long time. The promise I made to myself at the time: LIFE endures. I no longer look for excuses not to do something but look for possibilities to realize it.

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