Leadership for young adults

Why wait until you are 30+ to figure out what you want most out of your life and work!

Choosing what lifestyle, work and study fits you best is tough and can sometimes even be stressful. Then it's tempting to let social media and well-meaning advice from your parents and friends influence you. That's sometimes easier than making your own intrinsic choices, but certainly not better. Because hello:

It's your life so what do you want?

Do you remember what you wanted to be in kindergarten? Toddler Mick wanted to be a firefighter. Now he is studying law, his parents are proud and his career prospects are good, but he wasn't so happy himself. His parents didn't really know what to do about this and gave him the Being on Mission Personal Leadership Experience as a gift. There he discovered that he used to want to become a firefighter to save people. That value of 'saving people' gave him the idea of becoming a human rights lawyer, and he is now studying with fervor and joy because he knows and feels what he wants.

Nancy is working as a trainee at a Big4 accounting firm for almost two years now, but wonders if this is it now. 
The work is more boring than she expected and the amount of overtime combined with her studies leaves her with insufficient time and energy for her friends and her great passion of horseback riding. She participated in the Being on Mission Personal Leadership Experience through her personal training budget. This is how she found out that she wants to work less with numbers and more with people and chose to follow her heart. Through a work & learn programme she was able to switch to healthcare. She earns a small amount less, but the work gives her more fulfillment, she has more time for her horse and rides competitions again. 

Could you use some help in making your own choices? Are you stuck with choosing a study or do you think at your first job: 'is this it?'? Or have you just graduated and are in doubt about 'what to do next?'; continue studying, traveling, getting a job or a combination?
Then this experience will also help you to make a conscious choice!

What does this weekend offer you?

  • You discover your true calling: What is your passion? What are you good at? And how can you combine these so that you can earn money and live the life you want?

  • You clarify what is most important to you in your life and work (values) and who you want to become (your ideal self-image, also called vision or purpose).

  • You recognize what is good life balance for you, now and in the long term. How do you stay energized and recharged?

You will go home with a concrete 'Personal Compass' that will help you make the right choices for yourself. And with the first concrete steps to start living your own life and doing what you want and what makes you happy. That is so convincing that you will effortlessly get others to go along with it (even your parents if that is what you are worried about). 

Practical info:

  • When: Fri 31 May 16h - Sun 2 June 16h + 1 coaching the weeks afterwards

  • Where: Dynamique in Spaarndam (near Haarlem), a camp house location by the water. You sleep in bunk beds (total 6-12 participants) and you may use the available water sports facilities.

  • Investment: € 950 alone or € 850 p.p. (excl. VAT) if you book simultaneously with 2 or more people. If you already have a job there is a good chance you can use your personal development budget for this. 

Watch the short video to get a taste of the atmosphere below or contact one of us.

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