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The "Being on Mission" Team

The "Being on Mission" Team

The "Being on Mission" team

The "Being on Mission" team exists of six enthusiastic and passionate trainers/coaches. Each of them with a different and unique background they bring a great variety of experience and expertise to the "Being on Mission" philosopy. With pride this team will facilitate training and coaching in The Netherlands and many other European countries. Their mission is to make the "Being on Mission" philosophy significantly more accessible for a wide group of leaders.

Short introduction of the team members:


    Nicole Loeffen

Nicole Loeffen: bevlogen zelfstandige professional met focus op (persoonlijk)leiderschap, verandering en teamontwikkeling.

Nicole brings together 20 years of experience in the corporate world, as (HR) advisor, (project) manager and change maker in culture and behaviour. For 10 years she has been an independent professional with a focus on (personal) leadership, change and team development. Since 2010, Mark and Nicole are working together and, from 2016, they are the driving force behind setting up a global "Being on Mission" organization to enrich as many people as possible with the "Being On Mission" philosophy.

Nicole's mission is to increase the professional skills and personal happiness of people. She is convinced that a tiny nuance in behaviour can have a huge impact. She chooses to give the good example in this herself, both in her professional and personal environment.

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    Annemarie Konijnenberg

Annemarie Konijnenberg:  Enthousiast, energiek, persoonlijk en verbindend in een prettige en uitdagende sfeer

With a very positive spirit bringing out the best in people.
To know what you need, determining your course and achieving your goals. That is the essence of Annemarie’s approach. Enthusiastic, energetic, personal and connecting in a both pleasent and challenging atmosphere.

She focuses on improvement of behaviour. There is much to learn, but in the end it’s about what you believe, what you say to yourself and what you do. The goal is to help you and your organisation to take an extra step, achieve more with more passion.

She acquired her knowledge and expertise within profit- and non-profit organisations as a HR Manager, Chairman of the Central Works Council, Organisational consultant and during relevant training and/or courses i.a. MBTI, DISC, NLP and Changemanagement.
Since 2007 Annemarie collaborates with Mark McGregor. Since 2016 she is deployed by Mark as a coach during his leadership camps.

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    Marina M. Reemer (MBA)

Marina Reemer:  Her approach is confronting but respectful to both personal and professional individual needs.Marina Reemer is part-time associated at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), where she gives interactive courses on Personal Leadership, with great passion and dedication.
Outside RSM, Marina has had a successful entrepreneurial carreer as co-founder of several startup companies. Since 2000 Marina joined the corporate world in different senior Human Resources management positions in Learning, Leadership and Talent Development of high potentials and change management.  Her tailor made certified Private Banking program was made in collaboration and executed by INSEAD.
Currently, as self-employed consultant, she continues to exercise her passion for personal and team development, by coaching (senior) management, designing and executing tailored made programs for several corporates (i.e. ABNAMRO, PwC, ASR, NautaDutilh and NVP). During personal development interventions, it is essential that the participants feel connected and at ease to allow their own vulnerability.  Marina’s approach is confronting but respectful to both personal and professional individual needs.

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    Sanne van den Bergh

Sanne van den Bergh: Verbinden van diepgang met resultaat, mensen en organisaties bij hun kern en hun potentieel brengen, confronterend, praktisch en scherp, anderzijds empathisch, respectvol en met compassie.

Sanne’s strenght lies in making a connection between profundity and results. Her passion is to bring both people and organisations tot their core and potential. For that purpose she enters into a confrontation and brings out the best in people. Her guidance is on the one hand practical and keen and empathic on the other hand.

She always acts in a respectful manner with compassion for possible fear and resistance. She started her own business in 1993 with a focus on empowering people and organisations. All team- and leadership trainings that she has been facilitating in the past 20 years have been focused on developing, ownership, pro-activity and self-control.

Sanne facilitates trainings at home and abroad. She speaks English and German fluently.

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    Michelle Witsenburg

Michelle Witsenburg: Talenten van anderen scherp krijgen, deze te benutten en uit te bouwen en eventueel complementariteit te zoeken in de samenwerking in het team. Tegelijkertijd talenten verder ontwikkelen, het gedragsrepertoire verbreden en impact te vergroten.Michelle is a labor and organizational psychologist. She started her career at Berenschot as an assessment psychologist. In addition, she worked as a coach, consultant and trainer at various consultancy firms. At her last employer, Ebbinge & Company, she has developed and executed leadership programs at the MD department. With this she laid a broad foundation in individual development, team development and leadership. Eight years ago she became an independent entrepreneur and since then she works with enthusiasm with several partners.

Michelle's mission is to get a sharp picture of the talents of others, to use and increase them, and search for complementarity in team collaboration. At the same time, develop further talents, broaden the behavioral repertoire and increase impact where ambitions and goals are not yet achieved.

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    Freek de Lang

Freek de Lang: Mensen enthousiasmeren, aanreiken van benodigde handvatten om een veranderingsproces door te gaan, helpen zichzelf en anderen beter te begrijpen.

At a time when change practically the only constant is, where people experience great uncertainty, people search for the support of powerful, self-conscious, confident and inspiring leaders.

Since 2005 Freek lives his passion… he trains and coaches leaders (SMEs and Large Enterprises). He helps leaders, on the basis of shared values, a strong vision and mission to achieve exceptional results with their teams. Moreover, he helps these leaders with discovering what gets in their way to lead a meaningful, happy and successful life, and offers them the tools to break this.

Freek believes that everyone can make a decision, in any given moment, that will have a profound effect on their lifes. Attending a training and coaching based on the “Being on Mission” philosophy of Mark McGregor is such a decision.

Finally, he is convinced that, together with this "Being on Mission"-team he can contribute in a unique way to the development of powerful, self-conscious, confident and inspiring leaders.

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